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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I freeze this?

It’s a little difficult for me to say whether all of the recipes on the blog can be frozen. We usually share the food that we make for the blog with friends/family/ neighbors and shamelessly consume the rest ourselves. If I am certain about the outcome, I usually provide tips and instruction on how to freeze along with the recipe. It’s helpful to browse through the comments as someone else may have tried freezing that particular recipe before. For all others, I ask that you use your best judgment.

Can I use your photo and/or recipe on my blog?

We work really hard to provide both original images and recipes for you, so currently our policy is that you may use one image from the blog and provide photo and recipe credit to Little Spice Jar. This applies only to food related online blogs. It does not apply to products for sale (neither online nor in person) or for any promotional/marketing material. We currently do not allow permission to use both an image as well as our recipe. If you’d like to republish just the recipe, please link back to the post and re-write the instructions in your own words. When in doubt, shoot us an email – we really appreciate it!

How do you measure your flour?

I use the spoon and level method. I use a smaller measuring spoon/cup to add the flour to a larger one until its heaping full. Then I use a knife and run it across the top to level it out. I think this method works best when baking or cooking.

Can I prepare this in the slow cooker or instant pot?

A slow cooker/instant pot is a great tool to have in the kitchen. Unfortunately, not every stove top or oven recipe can easily be converted into one for the slow cooker or instant pot. If i’ve previously tried it, i’ll leave a blurb in the notes section for you, if not, please use your best judgement or read through the comments! Someone else may have given it a go.

Why do some of your recipes have print buttons while others don’t?

In the fall of 2016 we implemented a new site design. All the newer recipes include the new recipe format that includes a print button. Some of the older recipes don’t have this but know that we are working to get all of them converted over, it’s just a lot of recipes. If you’re trying to print a specific one, highlight the recipe text, right click and hit print, you can choose the print ‘selection’ option from there to print just the recipe.

Can I share a guest post on your blog?

Thank you so much for your interest! Unfortunately, we’re not accepting any guest posts at this time.

Why don’t all the recipes have nutritional information? Can you share the nutritional information for this recipe?

Most of the newer recipes have nutritional information. If you’ve stumbled upon a recipe that doesn’t, fear not, you can easily plug in the web address of the recipe into My Fitness Pal and it will calculate it for you!

Do you have a recipe for [insert food]?

I might! I’d suggest popping in your request into the search bar and checking out what it throws back at you or you can do a cross search with the name of this blog + the food you want to make on Google. Google gets back at you mighty fast.

Can I substitute an ingredient?

I recommend preparing the recipe exactly as written if and when possible. I understand due to certain dietary restrictions or availability, this can’t always be done but know that it’s very difficult to provide guidance when the recipe is altered. Depending on the substitution, it can significantly change the original intent of the dish. With that said, if you try a substitution and it’s successful for you, feel free to leave a comment as i’m sure other commenters (and I) will much appreciate it.

Who is this Anees you keep mentioning?

Anees, pronounced ‘anise’, like the spice, (that worked out well, didn’t it?) is the guy I had a big fat Indian wedding with in June of 2012. He is also the official taste taster, dishwasher, and the guy who fixes the aftermath of kitchen meltdowns. He also takes care of all the behind the scenes business/tech stuff of LSJ and is easily swayed with dark chocolate.

What happens to all the food?

Oh, boy! I am shamelessly going to admit that much of the food prepared gets consumed by us along with our family, friends, and neighbors.

Why didn’t this recipe work for me?

Please don’t be offended but – I don’t know. It’s difficult for me to decipher what exactly went wrong from so far away. Its starts with, did you measure?  Does your oven have hot spots? Did you substitute anything? Were your ingredients fresh? And the list goes on and on. Please know that when I share a recipe with you, I am very confident that if you follow it exactly as written it will turn out the same way in your kitchen as it did in mine. With that said, if (and when) I get multiple inquires about a recipe, know that I will take it back to the kitchen and make sure it turns out exactly the way I intended it to.

If you share specifically how you prepared the recipe, I’d love to help troubleshoot what went wrong with the recipe together. My best tip is to always, always, always read a recipe through at least twice before starting.

Where to do you get inspiration for your recipes?

Inspiration is everywhere! But mostly from:

  • family
  • friends
  • restaurants
  • magazines
  • food trends
  • fruits/vegetables in season

What kind of camera/lens do you use?

I’m currently using a Canon 5D Mark iii. You can find the camera body and all the lenses I use on our shop page.

Where do you purchase your props?

I scour the internet most of the time – Etsy, Speck and Stone, Kettle and Brine are just a few of the please. Also, local thrift stores, IKEA, World Market, and Anthropologie.

Why didn’t my comment get approved?

Little Spice Jar is a positive environment where we all get together to share a common love of food.  You are more than welcome to leave friendly/respectful comment(s) or question(s) but inappropriate or offensive comments will not be tolerated. Lets make food, not hate! Also, we kindly ask that you leave a review with a name (it doesn’t have to be yours, it just had to be a name! i.e BatmanFan isn’t a name 🤣)



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