Friday Five – A place where I share all the things I’ve loved during June 2018!


Welcome to the first edition of Friday Five!

It’s a place where I’ll share my favorite things the last Friday of every month. This can be anything from favorite snacks, beauty items, clothes, decor for the house, produce and anything else that may have caught my eye during the month. I’ll also share if there are any upcoming sales going on in the clothes/shoes/decor department and what I plan on purchasing.

I posed the question on Instagram a few weeks back to see if you’d like to see a little more than just food for the last Friday of every month, and I’m so glad that you guys were interested! Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous because I usually don’t talk about much more than food and travel (every now and then.) But I’m also excited to be bringing something new to Little Spice Jar!

Let’s get started on June’s Friday Five:

1. Skincare:

This month, I’m exactly halfway to my birthday – just a gentle reminder of how my skin isn’t getting any younger. So I wanted to find a few skincare products that do the job but still require minimum efforts on my part. I’m not the kind of girl that can spend hours on herself in the evening. It’s not that I don’t have the time, it’s the sheer fact that I’m lazy. So my goal was to invest in just a few products that do the trick.

Here are the ones I loved!

peonies and skin care products

Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme: My new favorite lightweight moisturizer for the summertime. I’m always on the hunt for a moisturizer that won’t feel heavy on my skin, hydrates and is suitable to wear under makeup, but also reduce redness and evens out skin tone. High expectations for a moisturizer? I think so. Let me tell you, I’ve almost never purchased the same moisturizer twice — mostly because I’ve never been satisfied enough. But this moisturizer is perfect. It’s not greasy, sticky, or oily but it still hydrates my skin for the summer time. I’ll have to see how it holds up during the winter months but fingers crossed, it’ll do the trick. I want this one to be the one. This product has clean ingredients, and it has the lightest scent of rosewater — love.

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment: This is the product I had the least amount of hope for – not even gonna lie. I wanted to use it for my fine lines and (unwilling to admit) wrinkles. But what made me give this one a try was that a lot of people found that it helps with hyperpigmentation and age spots. I’ve used it now for 29 days, and I’m liking what it’s doing. Just a pump of this stuff in the morning or once at night. I found that in the beginning, I couldn’t use it more than once every other day because my skin would tingle. Not to where I felt a burn but just enough to know something was there. It did stop after the first week though. And I did notice a difference in my age spots. One thing that I think might be a con for some people though is the smell. It smells like lemongrass. And though I love the smell and taste of lemongrass in food, I’m not sure how I feel about having my skin smell like that. It doesn’t stick around for long though after it dries, you can hardly smell it. But I love what it’s doing for my skin so far!

Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial: This isn’t a new favorite by any means. I’ve had this product going on eight months now, and I love how well it works on all different skin types. I bounce back and forth between dry (winter) and normal to combination, so this is a life saver because I’m not shoveling out money on different products twice a year. I purchased mine during Sephora’s sale and use it about once or twice a month. It helps give my skin more radiance, improves the texture, and helps even out the tone. This product won the Allure best of beauty award (2017), and it’s one I’d repurchase year after year!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: Okay, this one I didn’t find on my own. My best friend a.k.a best shopping buddy recommended this one and I went in without any expectations. I was like, lip mask? Is it just another chapstick type of product? Oh no! For someone who has dry lips (no matter how much water I drink), this is a miracle worker! Can I just say I feel 100% times more confident wearing matte lipstick than I did when I didn’t wear this on my lips? It’s a leave-on mask that you wear overnight. It glides on like lipgloss and sticks to your lips. You get a cute little applicator to put it on with, and it smells like berries! I usually use it every night, but on the off chance that I forget, my lips still stay nice and hydrated for at least 2-3 days afterward. Absolutely love this stuff!


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2. Clothes:

LOFT: So much cute stuff right now! They have a 40% off sale going on at the moment if you use the code: HBDUSA during check out. Here are my faves:


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A few other things I’m loving:


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3. Shoes:

This month I’ve been on the hunt for cute shoes to wear when we go on vacation a little later in the summer. Here are the ones I’ve been eyeing – starting with the Greece sandal that are just about everywhere!

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4. Produce:

a bowl of fresh cherries

This month, it’s been all about cherries for me! I’ve been testing a few different types of salads with cherries but also thinking of ways I can use them in desserts other than your basic cherry pie.

A few recipes if you’re still looking for something new to make with cherries for 4th of July!

Grilled Halloumi and Cherry Salad – This is happening! I love the combination of grilled halloumi cheese with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, almonds and of course, cherries!

Simple Cherry Pastry Pies – puff pastry filled with fresh homemade cherry pie filling. YAS!

Cherry Berry and Banana Overnight Oats – So on brand with all the 4th of July colors! Not only is it pretty too look but it’s also easy to toss together, and there’s no cooking involved!

Cherry Lemonade – cool and refreshing and I love how you can control the amount of sugar you add to this!

5. Favorite TV Shows:

The Staircase (netflix):

Like everyone else, we got sucked into the Netflix docuseries this month and finished all the episodes a lot quicker than I care to mention. I remember hearing about this when I was younger, so it was interesting to watch the whole trial and see the three new episodes that they added. Without giving too much away, I’ll say it’s one you’ll want to watch if you haven’t already. If you’re the kind of person that got sucked into American Crime Story (The People v. O.J Simpson), you’re gonna love this.  I found it to be a lot better structured and easier to follow than Making a Murder.

Handmaid’s Tale (hulu):

I had heard a ton about this show but for one reason or another, I never got around to watching it until now, and I can’t believe I waited this long! I went through season one in less than four days, less than three days. I’ll leave it there. It is addicting, twisted, sickening, heart-wrenching, terrifying, and I just can’t stop watching. I love that they constantly keep you guessing and that there’s a ton that happens in each episode. They also have a ton of flashback episodes that help you understand that characters better, which normally I’m not a big fan of but they work here. Definitely, a must watch!

Safe (netflix):

First taught, it’s really weird to see Michael Hall with a British accent, especially if you’re someone that watched all eight seasons of Dexter and sat through the horror that was season 8. Seriously, I’m still not over that. But within a few episodes, you move on from the accent and start to piece together what’s really going on. Kids are missing, people know things, and everyone is hiding something. I love the whole idea of people living in a gated community to protect themselves from the outside and these two kids that go missing from there. The story takes tons of twists and turns, and there are a total of 8 episodes.  After the first 5, they started to lose me a little and I failed to make a connection with any of the main characters. The ending is not what I was expecting at all. Overall it’s not a bad watch but it’s one of those shows I’d leave on in the background while I do other things rather than putting all my focus into it.

Okay, that’s it for this months Friday Five! If you’ve tried any of the skincare products, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. Also, what did you think about these shows if you’ve seen them?! What shows are you into right now? I need new suggestions for July please – I’m pretty sure I’ll run through the remainder of Handmaids Tale by the end of the weekend.

Wishing you guys a great weekend ahead! 🙂

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