A compilation of all my favorite things from 2018! These are going to make great gifts for yourself or someone else!

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Hello there and welcome to the first gift guide of 2018!

I started sharing gift guides last year, but this year I want to break them up a little bit more and divide them out by items for the kitchen and personal things. I thought it would be fun to put together a ‘my favorite things gift guide’ for the holiday season. I own everything that you see on the list, and these are all purchases that I find myself using all of the time. I’m someone who lives for comfort and neutrals, which, I’m sure is super obvious with the things I’ve shared.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Nespresso: This isn’t something we purchased in the last 12 months. However, it’s something I’ve used a lot this year. I like to make gingerbread lattes, steam milk for a warm London fog, and most of the time, I like to enjoy a simple latte. What I love about my Nespresso is that there’s no guesswork. Hit the button, get the perfect cup of latte every single time.

2. Pink Cloud Moisturizer: I purchased this moisturizer back in June and shared a blurb about it on my June Friday Five. I would use this moisturizer for the scent alone! It’s fragranced with a hint of rosewater. This is a lightweight, ultra-hydrating moisturizer that works incredibly well under foundation. It’s not greasy or sticky. To be honest, I was a little worried on how it would hold up in the colder months but so far so good. Bonus: it has Sephora’s ‘clean ingredients’ stamp. LOVE.

3. Loafer flats: Take it from someone who doesn’t do loud patterns on her shoes (or let’s be real, on her clothes) these flats go with everything! I love pairing these with black tights and a simple chambray shirt (linked) for a casual outfit. They also go great if you want to dress comfy but look more put together! Think a turtle-neck sweater and faux leather Spanx or even with a simple dress in the summer-time! These are super comfy once you wear them in the first couple times. They come in a medium and wide width, so it’s great for those that have a wider foot. I bought my usual size 8, and they were just a hair tight in the beginning. So if you’re in between sizes, I suggest going up rather than down.

4. Kindle: This is such a great gift for anyone that likes to read.. a lot! I’m someone that will read 2-3 books at once, so the Kindle makes my life so much easier. Whether I’m waiting in the doctor’s office or for a friend for coffee, the Kindle is always in my bag! Plus, if you travel, it’s small and lightweight and fits just about anywhere!

5. Chambray shirt: If you ask me, this is a staple in every wardrobe, for every season! I love pairing my chambray shirt with black jeans or tights, throwing on a muscle tank underneath and leaving it unbuttoned. Or buttoning up the shirt for the cooler months and pairing it with a knit scarf. I own a couple of these (one is just never enough!) Option number one is pictured below, but I also own number two which is pictured in the collage above!

6. Faux Leather Leggings: Okay. Not in a million years did I think I’d like something like this. But during Nordstroms Anniversary sale, I threw a pair of these tights into my cart and decided to give them a try because they had close to 2000 reviews, and guess what? I’m never looking back. These are going to become your best-kept secret! They’re Spanx, so they hold you in and make you super smooth and polished, but they’re also leggings, so they have all the comfort! Seriously. You need these, and psst, they’re on sale!

7. Camera: This is the camera I purchased earlier in the year before we left for Italy this summer. After carrying around my DSLR camera for years, I finally broke down and decided to go with something that wasn’t as bulky but still took DSLR quality photos. This one fits in my tiny crossbody and takes pictures that I’m still proud of! I invested in just the camera body (not the stock lens), so I’m not sure how impressive the lens is that comes with the camera. If you’re interested in hearing more about the lens that I bought, shoot me an email, I’ll share!

8. Runners: Another purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (pictured below.) These have become my go-to running shoes when I’m working out at Orange Theory. They’re stylish but provide the comfort my feet need when I’m running and what I love the most is that the design accounts for more room in the front, so my feet don’t feel cramped. When my pair wears out, I’m buying them again. Also, these are currently on sale!

9. Leather Tote: I own a few different tote bags, and this one is the one I use the most (pictured below.) I love that it comes in several different colors. It’s great for holding my laptop and charger when I’m working away from my office, but it’s also large enough to use for travel. It easily holds my wallet, passport, kindle, camera, and laptop! It’s chic and simple without a lot of fuss. Highly recommend!

hubby and me at universal studios

10. Diffuser: This is my favorite tool when I’m looking to wind down for the day. I love using a few drops of essential oils and letting them work their magic in the room. Anytime I use the diffuser while we have company, someone always asks what smells so great and how they can get their hands one of these! They make a great gift for yourself or someone else! If you’re looking for essential oils, here’s a good starter pack, that way you can try a bunch out, and don’t be afraid to mix scents! I loving making my own blend with bergamot, vanilla, and eucalyptus!

11. Apple Watch: Anees and I bought each other apple watches for our birthdays a couple of years ago, and in fact, Anees is due for an upgrade this January. He’s looking forward to getting the Series 4 watch, and I’m hanging on to my Series 3 for another year. Though both of us own several other watches, we never really use them anymore. I love being able to track my HIIT exercise, answer phone calls, and send quick text messages out while I’m working in the kitchen. Anees loves the ability to check emails, challenge friends, and using his watch to handle the shutter on his iPhone for group photos!

12. Joggers: I’m one of those people that like being in cozy clothes at all times! So these are my favorite pair of lounge-wear pants. They’re great for running errands or wearing to the movies! Highly recommend!

13. Pullover Fleece: I bought this particular pullover at the end of last year and have worn it so much this year that I’m looking to get another one. I own the solid gray pullover but want to get my hands on the black one as well! It’s so warm and cozy, perfect to wear around the house or throw on to run errands!

14. Speaker: This is one of the items I shared last year and mentioned that it was on my wishlist and I’m so glad I got it! I love having a speaker in the kitchen to listen to my favorite podcasts, holiday music, and Harry Potter soundtrack!

Okay, that’s it! What were you’re favorites things for this year? Let’s hear them!


P.S. I’ve included a few other runner-ups below too!

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