I’ve compiled all of my favorite kitchen accessories for 2018 into one easy gift guide! These are all the gadgets that I couldn’t live without this year!

image with all my favorite kitchen accessories numbered

    1. Half Sheet Pans: I don’t use the kind that are non-stick. I like these hotel sheet pans that are used in restaurants because they are built to last! Trust me, I’ve had mine for six years, and they’ll still be good for another six if not longer!
    2. Chemex: I make coffee in my Chemex, every single morning! It takes a little bit of work as you need a gooseneck kettle (linked below) and a food scale to weigh out your coffee grounds and water, but it is so worth it! If you’re a coffee fanatic like me, it’s worth the extra 5 minutes it takes to make your morning joe! Also, don’t forget to get some filters or you can do the reusable kind.
    3. Covered Saute Pan: Take it from someone who makes a lot of one-pot recipes this pan does it all! I don’t always invest in super expensive cookware, but this pan is worth it! Clean up is a breeze too, all you need is a little bit of this.
    4. Stock Pot: In the wintertime, I like to make and store tons of homemade chicken and beef stock. So this stockpot is thoroughly used and appreciated. It comes with a pasta insert which I sometimes leave in when making stock as it makes my initial strain so much easier, just lift the insert and most of the solids are out! Here are the 1-quart containers I use for storing homemade stock once it’s cooled.
    5. Hollow Edge Knife: I’m not one to invest in a knife set. Don’t get me wrong, like any new bride, I did. I got a set. Then, I realized that I’m one of those people that like to hand select all my knives. Over the years I’ve invested in a few different ones, but this one is my absolute favorite. So much so that I use it almost exclusively! It’s lightweight and doesn’t require sharpening all the time. Plus it’s on sale right now!
    6. Measuring cup set: I share this measuring cup set all the time because I LOVE it so much! I love the attention to detail from this brand. It has a comfortable grip and a flat edge so you can efficiently run a knife along the top when measuring flour. This makes a great stocking stuffer for the baker in your life!
    7. Mugs: I love the look of these mugs! In fact, I’m having my coffee in one of them as I type this. They’re handmade-looking mugs without the handmade price tag.
    8. Horizontal peeler: another one of my kitchen basics from the same company that makes the measuring cup set (linked above.) I love the grip on the product, and this peeler is ultra sharp, and it just glides!
    9. Beer can glass: This is one of my most recent purchases that happen to make it to my favorite kitchen accessories guide! I love these glasses for making iced coffees and macchiatos! Of course, they can be used to serve other things as well, as the name suggests.
    10. Weck jars: these are my favorite for storing separated egg whites, leftovers, or for salad jars!
    11. Locking tongs: I own two of these, and somehow that’s not enough, and I’ll probably end up buying another pair this year!
    12. Vitamix: An all in one blender that you can use to make homemade hollandaise, tomato basil soup, or your favorite post-workout smoothie. It does it all, and it makes it so so smooth!
    13. Mix and measure set:this is a great set to give newlyweds or bakers for the holidays! It’s a set of three mixing bowls along with a measuring cup for liquids.
    14. Kitchen scale: Great for weighing out dough if you’re making rolls, or for your Chemex coffee in the morning. A kitchen scale is a must as it comes in handy for so many things! I use mine all the time to weigh out ingredients when a recipe calls for a specific measurement.
    15. Gooseneck kettle: This is your basic electric kettle with a gooseneck. Beside it adorable spout a gooseneck gives you more control over the flow rate of the water. This comes in handy when you’re making your coffee manually, like with a Chemex (linked above.)
    16. Mixer: I recently switched out my old model for this 6 qt beast. I love the design of the bowl on the 6qrt model as I personally feel it brings bread doughs together quicker. I had my old stand mixer for 6 years before I decided to replace it with a larger model. Still works just fine though and I used my mixer multiple times a week! But regardless of which model you choose, this is a must for a baker!
    17. Dutch oven: I’ve gotten to the point where I’m collecting dutch ovens in various sizes! They cook your food more evenly and are great when you want to start something on the stove and finish it in the oven. Here’s a larger and more economical version if you’re interested as well.
    18. Nespresso: Okay, this one showed up in my favorite things gift guide this year too! I just love it so much! And we use it all the time. Both Anees and I prefer our homemade lattes to those from big and small coffee shops.

That’s it for my favorite kitchen accessories for the year! Tell me, what were your favorites? I’m always on the lookout to make my kitchen life easier!


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