My 2019 favorite kitchen accessories list is full of all the things that I loved using in 2019! There are some great ideas if you’re on the hunt for gift ideas or if you just want to see what I’ve liked best!

2019 favorite kitchen accessories collage with all items

  1. Staub Cast Iron Frying Pan: This skillet is a workhorse! I caramelize onions, fry eggs for breakfast, make spoonbread in it, and still, it looks as new as the day I bought it! I suspect it has something to do with the slightly shiny coating on the pan that my other lodge cast iron skillet doesn’t have, but this one requires no maintenance at all! No need to season the pan, and you can even wash it as you would any other pan, with just soap and water. I love having the functionality of having a cast iron skillet without the proper maintenance and upkeep.
  2. Utensil Holder: Not only does this thing look pretty, but it holds the large ladle, balloon whisk, and the wooden spoons I frequently use so I don’t have to reach for the drawer! This is a pretty basic crock that would match with any decor. It’s great for the cook in your life but also as a housewarming gift year-round!
  3. Carafe: I have to say, I just bought this a week ago and it’s already on my list of 2019 favorite kitchen accessories! It’s a basic carafe that keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours! You won’t believe the rating for it on Amazon, and it’ll come in handy during the holidays! You could even use it to store my hot chocolate in it if you’re hosting a hot chocolate bar party, so much easier and no need to stir anymore! 😉
  4. Gooseneck Kettle: I know! I shared a different kettle on my gift guide last year, and though it still works great, I broke down and decided to buy one that looked a little nicer and better matched my esthetics since we leave ours out in our coffee nook. This one even has a hold feature to keep the water at a specific temperature, and I swear it makes my Chemex coffee so much better because of the temperature precision.
  5. Loloi Runner: Okay, not going to lie, it took me eons to commit to a runner for our kitchen. I’m someone who likes to keep things pretty neutral – okay, extremely neutral (see here for proof.), and when I saw this runner, I thought, okay, it’s way out of my comfort zone. But for some reason, I kept coming back to it. The colors are vintagey in person and definitely brighter than anything I’ve picked for the rest of the house, but when I saw it clocked in around $50 and how the darker tones would keep any kitchen spills from showing, I jumped on it. And so glad I did because it looks like it was meant to be placed there! So beautiful and perfect for a hallway, bathroom, and a kitchen. And I’ve linked it at the lowest price I could find – worth every penny!
  6. Drying Mat: I can’t even tell y’all how many dishes I do in a day! This dish drying mat is perfect for larger or more delicate dishes that I don’t put in the dishwasher. It huge so it can easily handle a massive load!
  7. Roasting Pan: This is another item I picked up recently. I’ve used to test a garlic roast beef recipe I’m working on and a new roasted turkey recipe, and it works great! It’s easy to clean with a little Barkeepers friend, and I know it’s a quality piece that will last for years to come!
  8. Marble Paper Towel Holder: I love this piece because it looks super expensive but doesn’t come with a hefty price tag; in fact, you won’t believe how affordable it is, and the best part is that its marble, so it’ll practically never go out of style.
  9. Toaster: It most certainly does what a toaster is supposed to do, but it also looks classy on the countertop if you’re like me and leave your toaster on the countertop. It also comes with a bagel feature and a stop button!
  10. Knife Organizer: I’m one of those people that doesn’t like displaying my knives in a butcher block or on a magnetic strip (think minimalist in terms of kitchen countertop gear.) Also, I don’t own a complete set of a particular brand of knives. My bread knife is different from my chef’s knife, and my paring knife is an entirely different brand. So this knife organizer is great for storing all your knives away in a drawer, and safety-wise it’s excellent if you’ve got little hands reaching into your drawers!
  11. Salt Cellar: Another one of those rare marble finds that won’t break the bank! It’s cute and simple enough to leave out on the countertop! It’s so cute I actually consider using one as a catch-all (with a lid) on my nightstand!
  12. Staub Cocotte: This is one of my favorite dutch ovens. Great for making pots of soup, shepherd’s pie, and stews. What I love about this is that it can go from the stove to the oven to the table. Did someone say less cleanup?
  13. Measuring Cups + Spoons: A set of measuring cups and spoons. This is probably the only set you’ll ever need, and it’s heavy-duty.
  14. Dyson: I bought this Dyson v8 about two months ago, and I can’t imagine life without it. Our new place is about 99% vinyl flooring so the vacuum makes it super easy to pick up anything and everything. I’m not someone who can broom the entire house, so the Dyson is seriously a lifesaver. Plus, it’s cordless, so I love the fact that I don’t have to unplug the vacuum and replug every 20 feet!
  15. Cork and Glass Travel Mug: I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and find myself using my travel mug all the time. The cork around the cup adds a nice natural element and is placed where one holds the cup naturally. The travel mug is made from glass, and so it doesn’t alter the flavor of your coffee the way metal containers do. The only downside is that since there’s cork on the outside of the mug, it’s not dishwasher safe — the lid is, but the base isn’t. Though that doesn’t bother me, I do want to mention that for those that are looking for a dishwasher, safe travel mug!
  16. Butter warmer: Every time I photograph something using my butter warmer, I get so many messages/emails asking where I bought it from! It’s the perfect size to heat a cup of butter, and it’s obviously great if you photograph food, like enamelware, or are looking for kitchen decor for open shelving!
  17. Bissell Floor Cleaner: This is another kitchen essential for me! The Bissell floor cleaner has made my life so so so much easier now that I’m not using wet sheets and a Swiffer mop. It makes the floors super easy to clean as it practically drives itself, dries them in minutes, and not only does it work on all types of floors, it also works on some area rugs too! I mean, can we say magic?
  18. Instant Read Thermometer: A must for anyone that grills/roasts/bakes. This instant read thermometer is perfect for when I’m roasting my 1-hour whole roasted chicken or making Thanksgiving turkey. It’s something that every home chef needs!
  19. Instant Pot: I’m adding this one to the list because 1.) if you’ve ever needed to make dinner in 30 minutes, this electric pressure cooker is your best friend. 2.) it possibly the lowest I’ve ever seen it!

That’s it for 2019! Are there things on this list that you already own and love? Tell me what are some of your favorite 2019 kitchen accessories? I’m always on the hunt for my next favorite purchase!

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