A compilation of all of my favorite things from 2019. Everything you see on this list has been tried and tested. There are some great gift ideas for others as well as for yourself!

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This is just one of those posts that I look forward to every year. Welcome to 2019 My Favorite Things post!

I started sharing gift guides a few years back, but since last year, I’ve split it UP a bit with a My Favorite Kitchen Accessories post. Which btw, if you haven’t checked out, you definitely should, especially if you’re looking to upgrade a few accessories yourself or for gifts for the cook in your life!

I can honestly tell you that my guide from last year of my favorite things is still relevant today. I own and use all of the things on that guide as well as all of the 2019 my favorite things I’m sharing with you today. 

Please know that unless I absolutely loved the product, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you. Also, I wanted to share this guide before Black Friday in case you’re planning on doing a little shopping for yourself! I’ve gone ahead and given you discount codes as well if I’ve been able to find one!

Alright, enough chit chat, let hop to it!

  1. Hydroflask: To be honest, I meant to share this on my list of favorite items last year, but I had just made the purchase and didn’t feel comfortable sharing something that I hadn’t used for very long, after a year of usage, I can tell you, that this is one of the best water flasks out there. It keeps the water cold past 12 hours and the spout naturally makes me want to drink more water.
  2. Pearl Earrings: Okay, so this isn’t like your pair of pearl earrings that you only get out to wear to fancy events. These are pearl earrings that you could wear every day because they look like you paid a pretty penny for them but they come at a reasonable price tag for the quality. These would make a great gift for a mom, sister, best friend, or daughter!
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick: This is probably the only lipstick I’ve found that looks good on just about anybody! It’s a matte lipstick (that doesn’t make your lips look dry, a miracle), and it actually stays put. I wear this without the lip liner. I’m pretty basic when it comes to makeup. Years of working in the makeup industry tends to do that to ya!
  4. Trophy Skin MicroMD: I bought this when it was on a special price on QVC about 6 months ago and I can’t tell you how much better it’s made my skin. I’m not the kind of person that has the time (or let’s be honest, the patience) to sit through a facial every few months, so I find this at home microdermabrasion machine to be the perfect nighttime routine. I use it about once a week, but honestly, I even push it to once every two weeks sometimes and it always leaves my skin feeling smooth! The built-in screen tells you exactly what you need to do, and it’s easy to follow. Highly recommend as it costs about the same as one microdermabrasion treatment from a professional!
  5. Converse Shoes: Take it from someone who dresses casual almost every single day of their life, this is the best neutral, casual shoe that I own. The laces are for show, so these shoes are slip on and go. Easy to put on and take off, and they match with just about anything. These would be great for women of all ages!
  6. Scuba Hoodie: Okay, I know I live in Texas but if there was one article of clothing that I could own multiples of, it would be this hoodie! I could live in it forever. I love the funnel scuba neck, the thumb holes to keep the sleeves in place, and how warm this is. It’s not the cheapest hoodie you’ll buy but for someone that lives in athleisure wear, I find this to be an essential item for the closet!
  7. Pajama set: My favorite thing about the holidays? Gifting people pajama sets! This is also great for a new mom or a mom-to-be to pop into the hospital bag. The front closing buttons make it ideal for nursing. The material is ultra-soft and cozy, and the ratings on this item pretty much speak for themselves! Keep in mind that this item does run a little large (great if you prefer a little extra room) but for a better fit, I suggest going down a size from your norm!
  8. Gucci bag: This is definitely a luxury item. One that you’d probably only buy for yourself or send emails to the hubby when he just won’t take all the other hints. I’ve owned my bag for over a year now and it’s in perfect condition. I use it almost every single day. To be honest, I was a little worried that my dark denim would rub off that navy color on the bag. But so far, it hasn’t happened! This is the perfect neutral bag that goes with just about any outfit. I seriously can’t say enough about it. 
  9. Loloi Rug: If you’re like me and pretty much live the neutral life, this is the perfect rug for just about any room. I bought it for our living room and love how muted the colors are. It’s a washed grey base with hints of purple and steel blues. This rug is certain to hide stains really well. Keep in mind that this is a very low pile rug so, you’ll certainly need a rug pad underneath if you prefer a thicker, more plush feel underfoot. I’ve found and linked the lowest price for this rug, and I pretty sure you’re going to love it for your bedroom, office, or family room!
  10. Madewell Denims: Full disclosure: high-rise denim jeans were never my friends. I carry a little more than I‘d like in the hip region, so I always steered clear of high-rise jeans. Until I met these beauties! They hold you in, hug you in all the right places, and the wash is dark enough to dress up and light enough to dress down. Madewell usually runs a decent Black Friday sale, and these are 25% off right now bringing them under $100 and I personally think it’s so worth it.
  11. Olive Branches: these olive branches are almost always out of stock! But when you get your hands of a few and pop them into your favorite vase, you understand why that’s the case. I have three stems popped into my clear vase on our entry table and they brighten up the entire space so much! P.S. I just checked and by some miracle, they are still in stock. Use the code SNOWWHATFUN to get 20% off your purchase. Take my word for it, this is a great price on these!
  12. Cashmere and Fig Hand Soap/Lotion: This is one of those great gifts to keep on hand for last-minute gifts. Who doesn’t love a little hint of luxury with nicely fragranced soap and lotions? Great for teachers, friends, and almost anyone, really. Take 30% off right now with the code SAVEMORE at checkout.
  13. CC cream:  This is by far the best cc cream I’ve ever used. I mean, I’ve completely stopped wearing full coverage foundation all together once I discovered this product. It gives you just the right amount of coverage, it’s dewy so, you don’t look like a mannequin with no cheekbones. And if you want to be fancy, throw on a little bronzer and call it a day! The perfect daily wear product.
  14. Protini Moisturizer: I’ve got a secret. Once I use my microdermabrasion machine, I slather on a generous bit of this moisturizer and I’ve noticed more firmness in my skin. If I want a little more moisture, I start with the virgin marula oil before I finish it off with a pump of Protini. It works great for all skin types and both products are clean. Drunk Elephant is almost exclusively what I use when it comes to skincare!
  15. Apple Watch: This one is so great, it made the list again this year because I can’t take this watch off! I mean, whether I’m going to a wedding, the gym, or even just out to run errands, I can guarantee this little thing is going to be on my wrist, counting my steps, and making sure that I get up once every hour for at least a minute when I’m glued to the computer all day. 
  16. Old Navy Cozy Pullover: The perfect sweater tunic to wear when you want to lay low and relax. I mean, it should be obvious by now (if it wasn’t already) that I pretty much live for comfy clothes. And this pullover tunic and a pair of tights (below) and my converse sneakers are a staple outfit in my wardrobe!
  17. Zip up Sneakers: I bought these to add a little more edge to my wardrobe while keeping with my minimalist ways! These sneakers are comfy, comfy, comfy. Again, love that they’re on or off in seconds and that they’re comfortable but stylish. Keep in mind that they do need a tiny bit of breaking in (or at least my pair did) but once you wear them a few times, they are comfy! You could even do the old socks and blow dryer trick if you want to get these to the comfy point quicker. They come in several different colors and though I opted for the black/gunmetal leather ones, they also come in another option with several other colors.
  18. Side Pocket Tights: I own not 1, but 3 pairs of these tights in different lengths because they’re that good. I bought these at the beginning of the year after I heard all the hoopla. But I soon understood what it was all about. They’re great to wear while working out. But even better when I’m running around the house shooting recipes, cleaning, or even out running errands. I wear at least 1 pair every week and most weeks, I wear all three pairs. And though these are a little expensive; I can say it’s worth it when they still look the same as when I bought them, 365 days ago.

That’s it for 2019 my favorite things! I hope this helps if you’re looking for gifts for someone or an item for yourself.

Happy Black Friday shopping!

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