These are my favorite kitchen gadgets for 2023! These are great for chefs of all levels and make your life much easier in the kitchen!

sourdough bread in the kitchen

Here we are, rounding out the year once again!

I know, I’m coming at you with kitchen gadgets at the busiest time of the year! But we all know that food processors, chef’s knives, the instant pot, stainless steel cookware, and stand mixers are all on sale this time of the year. So if you’re looking to make some improvements to your kitchen game or buy some great tried-and-true gifts for friends or family, I’ve got you covered!

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a list where I talk about a cast iron skillet, immersion blenders, blenders for smoothies, toaster ovens, or my favorite knife. This list is a bit more than that. It’s all the gadgets I personally bought in 2023 and found myself using them multiple times every week. Most of these I would argue I use daily, in all honesty!

And so without further ado let’s hop into the best of the best kitchen gadgets for 2023!

stir fry over rice

5 must-have kitchen tools for 2023.

6. Popcorn maker.

Okay, I know I promised 5, and this one is a new purchase, but I already find myself using it more often than I ever thought I would.

I finally gave my old silicone microwave popcorn maker the boot, and invested in an air popper! This one had rave reviews on Amazon, and with the price tag that was under $20, I couldn’t refuse. Bonus it has a little caddy on top that will melt your butter while the corn kernels pop.

The only real con I found on this popcorn maker is that the plastic case that goes over the popping element is slightly cheapy plastic. With that said, I would 100% buy this again, and if mine konks out, I’ll repurchase this without hesitation! 

You can purchase it here.

5. Workhorse Wok.

I promise this is the only pan on my list! And It has proven to be a good one. 

I love using my new wok to make stir frys, lomo saltado, and of course my shrimp masala recipe. Cleanup is a breeze, and it even comes with a dome lid. I’ve used it over high heat to quickly saute the ingredients, and the pans still look as good as new even after tons of use!

Remember when I said that I use most of these on a daily basis? This pan definitely gets a workout in my kitchen!

You can purchase it here.

chopped veggies in bowl

4. Vegetable Chopper Box.

If you’re on TikTok, I’m sure you’ve seen people chop all sorts of things in their chopper boxes. At this point, they’re chopping deli meats with this thing! 

This little box has made prep for onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes, so much easier when I’m making a batch of homemade soup. And it’s great for when I’m craving a Shirazi Salad but don’t have the time to chop up all of the vegetables in perfect bite-sized pieces. The blade slices right through the ingredients with just one good push on the button with the palm of your hands.

The attachments are all bpa-free and dishwasher-safe, so after you’re done chopping, you can simply toss it in the dishwasher to handle the cleanup. Oxo Good Grips is one of my favorite brands for kitchen gadgets and they definitely don’t disappoint on this one. It makes for easy storage because all of the pieces clip on and stay together.

You can purchase it here.

3. Dish Pad.

If you wash and dry as many dishes as I do, this is a great little drying pad for your counter. The  stone dries water in 4 seconds. You can use it to dry fruits and vegetables as well as your handwashed dishes. I find that the dishes dry much faster on this stone pad than on a traditional drying pad.  Storage is also a breeze because the mat folds up and goes right under my kitchen sink when we have guests over.

This is another one of those items on this list that I find myself using everyday. I got this on this years prime day and I’m counting down to the black friday sale so that I can grab another one! This item is pricier than a drying pad. But after using it for almost 6 months, I can say without a doubt that it worth every penny!

You can purchase it here.

2. Cast Iron Bread Baker.

At the beginning of this year, I set out on a new task to make sourdough bread. I know, I’m so behind. I didn’t take up bread making in 2020 like everyone but I definitely jumped on the band wagon three years later. 

When I was still testing my sourdough game in early January, I didn’t know if I was ready to invest in a $300 Challenger Bread Pan. Sure, it’s what all the serious sourdough makers are using, but I can’t justify spending that kind of money on a pan when I wasn’t even able to get my sourdough starter right. Much less any closer to pulling out a semi decent loaf of sourdough bread from my oven.

Enter this much more affordable cast iron for homemade bread. This one costs less than half the price of the Challenger pan and so far it’s been great! I’ve been able to really get into sourdough baking and have made a loaf (or two) a week since my starter has taken off.

You can purchase it here.

dry rice in bowl

1. Rice cooker.

Are you surprised to see this as my number one favorite kitchen gadget of 2023? I honestly thought never in a million years would I invest in a rice cooker. It’s so easy to make rice on the stove. All you really need is a wooden spoon and saucepan. But here I am! Eating my words, and my rice out of a rice cooker!

Whether it’s basmati rice with a little salt, brown rice, cilantro and garlic scented rice, ginger fried rice, or biryani rice with spices, you can make it all in the rice cooker. And dare I say that the rice is just as fluffy, if not fluffier than if I made it on the stove top? Even my mother who has spent all her life making stove top rice had the rice out of my rice cooker and raved about it!  I take that as a win!

Not all rice cookers are created equal though. I did a ton of research before I pulled the trigger on this one and the rave reviews definitely sold me. It comes in both a 5.5 cup and 10 cup measurement. Most days I find that the smaller rice cooker is perfect for our little family of 2. I do think that for a family of 4 or more where rice is a staple ingredient, you may want to opt for the larger size. Though the cooker states a max capacity of 5.5 cups, with certain rice, you can only cook 2 cups at a time.

You can purchase it here.

That completes my list of favorite kitchen gadget for 2023. If there’s something that you bought this year that you’ve loved, feel free to share it with the rest of us below!

two loaves of sourdough bread on counter